Monday, 27 February 2017

Tutorial: How to make a landing page to avoid getting banned on Instagram, Twitter....

In this tutorial I will show you how to avoid getting banned on Instagram, Twitter and many other social media websites when posting a link to promote your offers.
Instagram, Twitter and many other social media networks will mostly ban your accounts if you post your offer links directly. To avoid that, you need to create your landing page to hide your offer links!
Please click Start Now button to go to the website where you will create your free landing page and then follow the following steps:

Step 1: Click Start Now button

Step 2: Register a free account using your email

Step 3: Select  landing page

Step 4: Choice your landing page and edit:

Step 5: Create button and add your offer link, change background photos...

You can watch this video:

Thursday, 24 March 2016


             Instagram will ask you to change your account’s password when they detected automation behaviors in your account. You have to:
·                           ·      Login to the email which was used to create the account to click on the link that Instagram sent to your email.
·                          ·     Change your password and login again with new password to confirm.
                          How will this software works?
                       ·    This software automate all manual works mentioned above.
·                          ·     Multi-threads support
·                          ·    Proxy support
·                          ·    Random delay between actions
·                         ·    Work with most popular emails (Gmx, Gmail, Yahoo,, Yandex….)
Ø                     What is the input format
·                                Username:OldPassword:Proxy:Email:PasswordEmail
Ø                     What is the output format?

v  Price: 50 USD
v  For more information please contac skype: hongblackhat

Monday, 4 January 2016


From managing a few thousand Instagram accounts during last two years, I would like to share you some rules that you can follow to avoid getting banned for your  Instagram accounts:
  • Account Creation
You should create the accounts in the same proxies which you are going to use to run these accounts. If you buy the accounts from someone, they may created the accounts with public or bad proxies or the proxy locations are too different from the proxies you have. For example, they made the accounts with China proxies then you bought the accounts and run it with US proxies...That was not good.
If you are not be able to create accounts with your proxies, you can use this SERVICE.

  • Accounts per Proxy
From my experiences, please don't use more than three accounts in the same proxy.

  • Posting Photos
Don't post the same photos to two accounts or more. If you only one photo and you want to post it to two or more accounts, you can:

  1.  Use Photoshop to add  random color points to the photo and save as it as many different photos.
  2. Change MD5 of the photo to create many photos with different MD5. Search google for some free programs that can be used to change MD5 photos.
  3. Add different watermarks to the photo.
  • Managing bulk accounts:
If you are using Followliker to manage the accounts, you should create a Global Project. In Global setting, all accounts in this project will use the same database so that we can prevent the accounts from follow the same user or post the same photo to more than one account.
To create a Global project in FollowLiker, you only need to uncheck the option " Each account should have separate settings":

  • Comments and Mentions:
If you are going to use the accounts for commenting or mentioning, you should wait your accounts aged at least 3 weeks.
Every comment must be unique, don't comment the same content many times, Instagram will block your accounts.
Don't comment more than 30 times/day/account.

  • Daily limit:
For newly created accounts, you should warm up them for a week by following 50-70 users/day  and liking 50-100 photos/day. Don't comment or mention. You can post 1 or 2 photos.
From the second week, follow 100-150 users per day. Like 100-150 photos/day
From the third week, follow 200-300 users per day. Like 200-300 photos/day
The increase the setting but don't follow more than 600 users/day.

  • My FollowLiker Settings for following and liking:
  1. 30 accounts in one Global Project
  2. Account threads=10
  3. Automation interval=10-15 minutes.
  4. Follow limit 4-8 (in each run)
  5. Delay follow/like 25-35 seconds
  6. Run 16 hours per day.
Don't unfollow and follow in the same day, you should follow until you have 7000 following then unfollow after that.
I will share more when I have time, please comment if you have any question, feel free to add me on skype: hongblackhat.

Wednesday, 4 November 2015


To set your twitter accounts to follow the followers of the big users in your niche. You need to make a text file which includes these big usernames. For example, your niche is adult. Then you need to go to twitter and search "porn stars", you will find many porn stars twitter pages. You need to collect their usernames and put into the text file target.txt, with format:
Now, do follow these steps:

  1. Put the file path into the Search Term form (Number 1 in the figure above)
  2. Select " Follower of"
  3. Set the Random Pause between the follow. For example 5-15 seconds.
  4. Set to repeat the action every one hour.
  5. Set the Repeat times to 99999.
  6. Number of thread: Depends on how strong your computer is. You can start at 10 and increase it to the find the limit of your pc.
  7. Max Action=(number of twitter accounts you have) x (Number of users you want each account to follow in each run). For example you have 100 twitter accounts, you want each account to follow 10 people then stop and repeat every 1 hour, then put here 100x10=1000.
  8. Max repeat daily. I set it to 18, so the bot will repeat the action 18 times and stop. It takes 18 hours to run and stop for 6 hours every day.
  9. Select all accounts you want to run. For example, selected 100 accounts.
  10. Check box : "Shared Across Account" so that all accounts will  follow the different targets.
  11. You can add the filler to set the location, ignore users with hashtags..
  12. Follow.

If you have any question, feel free to commend here. Thanks for reading.

Friday, 30 October 2015


Did you ever get banned on Twitter or Instagram? And did you know why you got banned yet?

Most of the account providers in the market are making accounts with public proxies (free proxies). The accounts that were created with these proxies were marked as Spam accounts. Twitter, Instagram or other Social Networks will lock your accounts and ask you to re-verify as soon as you buy the accounts and run these accounts with your bots (Followliker, Instadub, Twitterdub...) on your private proxies because the proxies were changed from your account provider's proxies to your proxies.

When you were asked to re-verify with the same phone number which was used to create the account? How will you get that phone number?


Our service:

We will create your social media accounts (Twitter, Instagram, Tumblr...) on your proxies. What you need to do is:
  • Buy private proxies. I would recommend this PROVIDER  (buy proxies using my referral link to get 10% discount for your Instagram/Twitter orders)
  • Authorize my IP to use your proxies. Note: You can remove the authorization anytime.
  • Send us the photos you want to make avatars, the bio and the link you want to put in the profiles.
  • We will create the same proxies, your proxies.
  • We will send you all information: Account, password, email, email password and  associated proxies with these accounts..

We will verify your social media accounts with sim cards and we will keep the sim card for you(free) in case you need to re-verify (0.35$ each re-verification), just contact us.


Twitter PVA Full custom profile: 1$ each
Insagram PVA Full custom profile: 1$ each

Refund / Replacement Policy:

Accounts will be Replaced within 48h if Unused

Payment Method: Paypal/Payoneer


Skype: hongblackhat

Thursday, 29 October 2015

Instagram Bot - The Ultimate In Instagram Automation

Instagram Bot - The Ultimate In Instagram Automation


REFERRAL LINK  (checkout using this reff link will get free support from Michael, skype hongblackhat)

  • Easy to use Promo module, click click jobs done
  • Automatic Following
  • Automatic unfollowing
  • Automatic Liking
  • Automatic Commenting
  • Full account support, multi account support
  • Full account support, update account details
  • Full search support
  • Advanced compound searches

Tumbling Jazz - The Ultimate Tumblr Bot

Tumbling Jazz - The Ultimate Tumblr Bot

REFERRAL LINK  (checkout using this reff link will get free support from Michael, skype hongblackhat)

Tumblr is one of the most popular social media blogging websites around at the moment. Millions of users with millions of blogs use the site EVERY DAY. With the use of TumblingJazz, the world's leading Tumblr automation bot, you can harness this power for your own needs. The TumblingJazz tumblr bot can fully automate all actions and interactions of the site, hands free!.

Harness The Huge Amount Of Users And Traffic On Tumblr

Using TumblingJazz it is a walk in the park to generate tonnes of traffic to your Tumblr blog and then onto your money sites. Due to the multi capacity, multi-threaded, raw socket implementation you can really let the bot rip, doing what it does best. All hands free. Set it up, schedule it, repeat it. Site back and watch the traffic FLOOD in.

Be The Master Of Puppets (Pulling Strings)

Everything you can do on the Tumblr website has been automated. This means you have full control over your accounts. Let the bots run on repeat and your accounts will grow rapidly destroying all before them, but most importantly they will grow naturally and organically. The TumblingJazz automation bot gives you the full command at your fingertips, nothing is restricted, we are here to help your realise your Tumblr domination dreams.
A quick look at the feature list, should have your head exploding with ideas on how you can use this software to make "teh moniez" ;-)
  • Automatic Following
  • Automatic Liking
  • Automatic Reblogging
  • Automatic Reblogging Articles
  • Automatic Reblogging Images
  • Automatic Reblogging Quotes
  • Automatic Reblogging Converstations
  • Automatic Reblogging Links
  • Automatic Posting Articles
  • Post Articles from RSS feed automatically - fully customisable to work with ANY RSS feed