Tuesday, 29 September 2015


In this article, I will tell you how to make money with Tumblr blogs and Crakrevenue offers. The method is so simple. I will show you step by step:

1. Register with Crakrevenue company. Click here to register

Crakrevenue is one of  the best CPA company at this time. They have many high payout offers:
Pay Per Lead (PPL): You get paid every time someone click on your CPA link (which is provided by Crakrevenue) and do free sign up by entering their email address and do the email confirmation.
Pay Per Sale (PPS): You will get paid if someone click on your CPA link and buy something which is offered by  Crakrevenue.

After you get approved into Crakrevenue, they will give you the cpa links. You will need to send traffic to these cpa links.
If you can not get approved. Contact me on skype "hongblackhat" I will help you get approved.

2. Create hundreds of Tumblr blogs and drive Tumblr traffic to your cpa links.
You can create your Tumblr blogs manually but that will take you a lot of time. You will need to buy a bot that can create Tumblr blogs, auto follow, auto unfollow, post tons of pictures with cpa links...
I would recommend Rootjazz Tumblingjazz bot which is the best bot now for Tumblr in my opinion.

You can read more about this bot here:

Your blogs will get banned very quickly if you post tons of pictures along with your cpa links. To avoid that, you need to create two type of blogs: type B1 and type B2. You will post 100-200 pictures per day to each blog B1. Then you only need to reblog all posts from blog B1 to blog B2. Blog B1 may get banned very quickly (around two weeks). Blogs B2 are your main blogs and these B2 are very hard to get banned because these blogs did not post any links. Even the blog B1 get banned, the posts which are re-blogged from blog B2  will still be there in the timeline of blog B2. 
So, if you have 100 blogs. You can divide them become two group: 5 blogs B1 and 95 blogs B2. Your 95 blogs will not get banned and will bring you a lot of traffic to your cpa links.

You should use maximum two Tumblr blogs for each proxy. The best proxy provider is Squidproxies in my experience. Their proxies worked perfectly on Tumblr. Don't buy too cheap proxies. You will get banned very quickly.
All your blogs must be marked as NSFW since you will post many sexy pictures to promote Crakrevenue offers.
You can contact me on skype "hongblackhat" if you want to buy Tumblr accounts which are already customized to work best with Crakrevenue offer. 
Here is my earning:

Finally, if you have any question, please comment bellow this article.
Good luck!


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