Monday, 4 January 2016


From managing a few thousand Instagram accounts during last two years, I would like to share you some rules that you can follow to avoid getting banned for your  Instagram accounts:
  • Account Creation
You should create the accounts in the same proxies which you are going to use to run these accounts. If you buy the accounts from someone, they may created the accounts with public or bad proxies or the proxy locations are too different from the proxies you have. For example, they made the accounts with China proxies then you bought the accounts and run it with US proxies...That was not good.
If you are not be able to create accounts with your proxies, you can use this SERVICE.

  • Accounts per Proxy
From my experiences, please don't use more than three accounts in the same proxy.

  • Posting Photos
Don't post the same photos to two accounts or more. If you only one photo and you want to post it to two or more accounts, you can:

  1.  Use Photoshop to add  random color points to the photo and save as it as many different photos.
  2. Change MD5 of the photo to create many photos with different MD5. Search google for some free programs that can be used to change MD5 photos.
  3. Add different watermarks to the photo.
  • Managing bulk accounts:
If you are using Followliker to manage the accounts, you should create a Global Project. In Global setting, all accounts in this project will use the same database so that we can prevent the accounts from follow the same user or post the same photo to more than one account.
To create a Global project in FollowLiker, you only need to uncheck the option " Each account should have separate settings":

  • Comments and Mentions:
If you are going to use the accounts for commenting or mentioning, you should wait your accounts aged at least 3 weeks.
Every comment must be unique, don't comment the same content many times, Instagram will block your accounts.
Don't comment more than 30 times/day/account.

  • Daily limit:
For newly created accounts, you should warm up them for a week by following 50-70 users/day  and liking 50-100 photos/day. Don't comment or mention. You can post 1 or 2 photos.
From the second week, follow 100-150 users per day. Like 100-150 photos/day
From the third week, follow 200-300 users per day. Like 200-300 photos/day
The increase the setting but don't follow more than 600 users/day.

  • My FollowLiker Settings for following and liking:
  1. 30 accounts in one Global Project
  2. Account threads=10
  3. Automation interval=10-15 minutes.
  4. Follow limit 4-8 (in each run)
  5. Delay follow/like 25-35 seconds
  6. Run 16 hours per day.
Don't unfollow and follow in the same day, you should follow until you have 7000 following then unfollow after that.
I will share more when I have time, please comment if you have any question, feel free to add me on skype: hongblackhat.


  1. Interesting.
    What u can say about Link in Bio For newly created accounts?
    Post Uniq link or 100% no link first time?

    1. No link for the newly created accounts. You should wait 2-3 weeks then put link in the bio.